Have we got a lovely treat for you today!  The incredible bride Ashley is here to share her wedding day look with us from inspiration to reality.  When Ashley’s amazing photos landed in our inbox we thought one thing – “this girl’s got style!”  Ashley chose a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Atelier Aimee dress for her September wedding in San Francisco art gallery “Terra.” AshIey says, “I knew that I would have to find an untraditional and artsy dress to go with the venue, but at the same time, I still wanted something romantic and feminine.”  As soon as Ashley tried it on, she knew the artsy gown was the perfect pick for her venue.  She walked out of the Glamour Closet that day with her dream dress and was ready to start picking out the finishing touches for her big day.

Ashley even shared some of the photos she gathered as inspiration for her look!

Ashley: When I was putting together my look, it was really important to me to look like a dressed-up version of myself, rather than someone else’s image of a “bride.”  Each accessory I chose was something that I would wear (and have worn!) again – I chose things that reflected me in my real life, not just me as a bride. These images really captured the feeling I wanted for my look.  I wanted something with a romantic, “enchanted forest” kind of feel, but I also knew that it would have to go with the more modern art gallery venue.

(The Knot, Jimmy Choo)

Ashley’s accessories were the perfect complements to her daring gown.  She mixed bold, colored pieces with more understated style to balance the modern with the romantic and achieve the unique look she was going for.
Ashley: As for my accessories, I decided that with such a bold dress, it was best to keep the rest of my look a bit simpler.  I also knew that I wanted my jewelry to be gold.  Both my engagement ring and wedding ring are yellow gold, and gold to me gives a sense of tradition that I thought would complement my untraditional dress. I knew from the beginning that I would wear my great-great-aunt’s blue diamond necklace.  It’s a family treasure that has been handed down in my mom’s family, and it would be my “something blue.”  I also wore a ring on my right hand that was a bridal shower present from my aunt.  She bought it to go with my dress, and I loved it!  It meant a lot to be wearing jewelry that was sentimental to me.

Ashley: For earrings, I wanted something dangling, but without a lot of bling, and something that I would wear again.  I found my earrings on etsy at a shop called Joo Joo Land, after seeing a different pair of earrings with a similar orchid-shaped theme on a wedding blog. I’ve already worn them again a few times since the wedding!

The next wedding adventure was finding the shoes! I knew I wanted my shoes to have an impact because they wouldn’t be seen as much as the rest of my accessories so I wanted them to stand out when they were.  I originally thought I wanted something yellow to match the bridesmaid dresses, but my hunt for a mustard-yellow peep-toe that was stylish and fun got me nowhere.  Then I saw this pair of Jimmy Choo heels and it clicked!  Shine, not color, was the boldness I was looking for in my perfect pair of shoes.  I even found a comparable pair at Nordstrom that were just perfect!

The photo on the top left was my hair inspiration!  In my everyday life, low side pony tails and side braids are kind of my signature look, so I decided to stick to what I knew and did my hair myself!  I accessorized my do with a flower from one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

What a treat! Thank you for sharing your inspiring style with us, Ashley!  You truly looked like a work of art on your wedding day!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Leonel Medrano and Iris Bai

VENUE: Terra

DRESS: Atelier Aimee from Glamour Closet

RINGS: Fabuluster

EARRINGS: Joo Joo Land

SHOES: Nordstrom