We think you are allowed one other love affair other than your husband…and that is with your wedding dress. It is such a special relationship when you find the one, why wouldn’t you want to immortalize that love? Yes, you probably have gobs of photos from your wedding in all of your glory, but we love the idea of spending some one-on-one with your dress in a cool location and getting photos that pose as fine artwork. These pictures of Hunter, the designer of Hunter Dixon, feel like a dreamy cinderella story. Take time to have the photographer get the detail work of your dress and accessories. And remember how that dress made you feel, and express that in your photos. It may not be a picture that mom wants to hang on the mantle, but it will be your special gem that leaves a warm spot in your heart when you look at it.

We’ve been holding on to these gems since last year, and when LINDSEYBELLE Photography sent us Gina Xu’s cool photos yesterday, we decided to post her work as a double feature. You can really see the breath of Lindsey’s skills!

Dress by Monique Lhuillier