Many of you may have seen these floating around the world wide web. We thank all of you who thought our photo shoot images were good enough to share. But we also wanted to take a moment to share our inspiration and talk about our Lovely crew.

Although we were working our bums off last month to get the Lovely bridal shop opened, we thought it was important to take a moment to arrange a photo shoot to show our audience what inspired us about bridal and our new store. We think bridal gowns can be both glamorous and fun. Timeless with just a hint of trendy. Whether it’s geek glasses, oxford shoes, or army jackets, we encourage the bride to add some personality to her gown. Ok, we know these looks are a little far fetched, but we like to dream big, and then help our brides find a comfortable place in the middle. Which are your favorites?

Top left: Alix and Kelly, top right: Elizabeth Dye
Bottom left: Sarah Seven, bottom right: Samuelle

Top left: Badgley Mischka, top right: Anne Barge
Bottom left: Lea Ann Belter, bottom right: Watters

And we simply MUST mention our amazing crew on this scrappy, last minute, pull-out-all-stops, shoot. The talented Lauren Napier is not only drop-dead-gorgeous herself, but she certainly knows how to make you look the same. Sweet Little Photographs had the knack to make our vision a reality in record time. They always get the shot you want to frame. And our amazing hair gal, Jessica Bond and stylist Alex Douglass remind me why you should bring on the pros for even the smallest of shoots. They make magic happen!